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I built a multi-million dollar business in the cloud and I can give you powerful tools that will empower you to:

  • Ditch the “dollars for hours” model
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  • Unlock your profit potential

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There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when the burning desire to change overpowers the need to stay the same.

To move forward, you must take the leap.

When I started I was a single mom with a dream. Today, my business has offices in nine cities and runs entirely on the cloud.

You can do this.

Dream your dream. Reject traditional constraints.

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From Cubicle to Cloud:
How to Start and Scale a Virtual Professional Service Business

Vital and effective advice from an expert for launching a thriving cloud-based business

This essential guide for anyone who wants to create a cloud-based professional service business is centered on Jennifer Brazer’s deep, personal experiences while building her company, Complete Controller. Her groundbreaking business, which disrupted and reinvented client accounting services (CAS), is one of the first completely cloud-based accounting services in the country.

Brazer documents how she listened to and learned to rely on her inner voice to guide her through the creation of an entirely new business model and to power through the ups and downs of its evolution. Whether your specialty is accounting, therapy, tailoring, design, law, or any other field, you will:

  • learn practical strategies for breaking free of the hours-for-dollars box,
  • develop a business model based on value and work product,
  • create processes and protocols that allow other people to fulfill the scopes of work,
  • foster a culture that attracts talent and discourages inefficiency,
  • realize greater profits by adding complimentary services and products.

This book is for entrepreneurs at any point in their journey to the cloud, providing indispensable tools that will set up a cloud-based professional service for maximum success.

Coming January 2021

Coming January 2021

About Jennifer Brazer

Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow cloud-based businesses

I used to be just like you: doing amazing work but feeling trapped in a system that kept me from reaching my potential. I was trading my time for money, and I couldn’t see a way to achieve the success I dreamed of.

Then I had an epiphany.

I realized that many businesses were being held back because they were making critical decisions without timely access to their accurate, detailed financial data. It turns out that what we now know as Client Accounting Services (CAS) was seen as too time-consuming for their bookkeeping partners to deliver profitably.

Building Complete Controller in the cloud allowed me to simultaneously empower countless businesses and escape the golden handcuffs of my previous career.

I learned a lot through my journey as a founder and I couldn’t have done it without the invaluable support from advisors and mentors along the way. That’s why I’m dedicated to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and women in business.

For years, I’ve used the #QueenofCAS hashtag to share those lessons with the world, served on the executive board of the National Association of Women Business Owners and spoken to incubators, students, and associations.

With my new book and workshops, I’m thrilled to help you take the leap with your business!

Coming in 2021

From Cubicle to Cloud Workshop Series

My exclusive workshop series tour beginning in early 2021 will provide hands-on support as you move your business to the cloud and escape the “dollars for hours” model. You’ll be able to:

  • Meet a select group of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Get personal guidance from Jennifer
  • Find solutions to your unique challenges
  • Take concrete steps to transform your business
  • Discover a new level of scale and profitability

Can’t wait to get started?

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